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Asserta - Industrial sounder and sounder beacon range

Asserta - Industrial sounder and sounder beacon range

The Fulleon Asserta range of robust sounders and sounder beacons are designed for harsh environments where extra protection is required. 

Rated to IP66, the range is characterised by its flexibility and choice with three housing types (mini, midi and maxi), a number of tones, red or grey body colour and higher output options for louder environments.

Asserta can also be easily programmed with switches inside the housing to produce a 3-stage alarm for controlled notification in challenging industrial applications.

One Asserta, diverse possibilities, the choice is yours

The Asserta family has a lot to offer, all you have to do is select the one that suits your application:

  • 3 housing sizes to suit diverse applications,
  • up to 120dB to cope with noisy environments,
  • IP66 to protect against the dust,
  • 42 tones with a 3-stage alarm to tailor to your requirements,
  • with or without a beacon.
Eaton Asserta siren işaret aralığı