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FC6 - FC18 Fan Control


FC6 - FC18 Fan Control

Fan controller for connecting to addressable fire systems

Eaton's fan controller is designed to work with the Eaton range of addressable fire alarm control panels, providing the capability to control and display the status of AHU fans. 

Connecting to Eaton's range of addressable control panel by means of the comms loop, utilizing only one address to monitor and control up to 18 air handling unit (AHU) fans. 

Available in two variants, the surface mounted FC6 able to control up to 6 fans and the rack-mounted FC18 able to control up to 18 fans. Both incorporate their own CPU specifically configured to control the relevant input and output logic making programming quick and easy via Eaton's site installer software.

Datasheet Operating Instruction FC6 Operating Instruction FC18

Product Description

Make buildings smarter and safer with detector driven control of fans

Upgraded to be compatible with new Smoke Management protocols, the FC6 and FC18 units are ideal for use with the Eaton MCOM-FC and MCIM interface modules.

Using Eaton site installer software, each individual fan control channel is programmed to an output and feedback input field device to control and monitor the status of an AHU fan. The units are operated by key preventing unauthorized access and allows both automatic and manual operation.

LED display for quick management

The fan controller units boast LED's for each fan simplifying operation and giving a clear indication of the units' status. The panel has the ability to show when devices are on, off or in fault mode. No hard addressing is required providing a quick and easy cost-effective installation solution.


Fan Controller Unit - Up to 6 fans (Surface Mount) FC6
Fan Controller Unit - Up to 6 fans (Australia Standard - Supplied w/o Back Box) FC6-AU
Fan Controller Unit - Up to 18 fans (Rack Mount) FC18