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FX201, FX203 Manual Call Point


FX201, FX203 Manual Call Point

Manual call point for conventional fire systems

Used in the event of a fire or emergency by simply breaking the glass (or plastic) element, the simple to install range of conventional manual call points is compatible with Eaton’s range of conventional fire alarm and notification panels. 

Two versions are available in the range: indoor and weatherproof. The flush or surface mounted, IP24D indoor option is designed to withstand temperatures between -10°C to +55°C and is best suited to commercial applications such as offices. IP65 rated, the weatherproof variant features a wider operating temperature of -25°C to +70°C  and is more suited to industrial applications including warehouses and factories.

All conventional call points come complete with a frangible glass element and test key for easy maintenance.

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Product Description

Options, accessories and spares

A range of accessories and spare parts are available for the conventional manual call point including recessing bezels, spacing plates, a polycarbonate cover for protection from accidental activation and spare keys and elements.