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Heavy duty door retainer for conventional fire systems

The Eaton range of heavy duty, magnetic door retainers, for conventional fire systems, are robust and simple to install, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools and industrial premises. 

Two versions are available: mains powered, which has a holding force of 40Kg and the 24Vdc option powered by an external power supply also with a holding force of 40Kg.

Both versions enable doors to be held open under normal conditions but to be automatically released in the event of fire alarm activation when interfaced with the fire panel.


Product Description


Mains Powered Heavy Duty Door Retainer MDR240
24V dc Heavy Duty Door Retainer MDR24L
Floor Mounting Bracket for Heavy Duty Door Retainers ZMDRFBB

Prevent the spread of fire through automatic door release

In busy environments, such as hospitals or schools, it is often necessary to have doors held open, but in event of a fire precautions must be taken. With door retainers linked to your conventional fire system panel, they will automatically be released on fire alarm activation, helping to save lives through fire spread prevention.

Door retainers that are strong enough and flexible enough

Whether the setting is in industrial premises or commercial or public buildings, Eaton's heavy duty door retainers will hold a force of up to 40kg. With a manual release option and the ability to be powered through mains or DC, they are ideal for preserving safety in emergency situations but are flexible enough to suit the day ahead.

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